Operating sustainably is core to Latrobe Magnesium’s approach to creating value for its employees, partners, shareholders and stakeholders. It sits at the heart of everything we do and is embedded in our day-to-day work. We put health and safety first and foremost, we care for the environment, and we work to develop strong relationships with the communities we operate and live in.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our people and communities is the upmost priority to LMG. Caring about people is a core value that drives our culture where health and safety is at the forefront of every day, every meeting, every task and every conversation.

We are committed to providing a safe working environment where every employee goes home safe and healthy at the end of every day.

As we grow our company, we will focus on continuously improving our systems and process on health and safety to ensure that we allow our people to perform their roles safely.

In 2020 LMG had a strong performance in safety with no fatalities or injuries and is looking to continue this trend through 2021 as we ramp up into a construction phase for the Latrobe Valley project.


LMG recognises that protecting the environment is an important component of performance and key to our ability to operate in the communities in which we live and work.

Our commitment to environmental management ensures that we seek to avoid and mitigate environmental impacts from the start of the life of an operation through to its closure.

This involves being a good steward of water resources ensuring that we responsibly manage water resources and maintain water releases within permitted limits. Additionally, we will strive to protect the biodiversity in the regions in which we operate by employing biodiversity protection measures to preserve the biodiversity value.

LMG will continue to develop its environmental management systems, implement environmental initiatives and engage with stakeholders to improve environmental awareness.

The demonstration plant project helps remediate mining sites by recycling 100% of potentially hazardous wastes into valuable saleable products. Fly ash dams risk contaminating water systems and effecting the environment. Fly ash, if dried and airborne, can cause health issues such as silicosis.


Building successful relationships and strong partnerships with the communities in which we live and operate is critical to LMG's success. LMG wants to be a responsible member of the communities we are part of and will achieve this through effective engagement with stakeholders, respect for cultural heritage, creating economic opportunities such as jobs, the purchase of local goods & services and investment in community programs.

Climate Change

The world is transitioning to a low carbon future and LMG has a responsibility to help meet the challenges of climate change and its impact on the world.

LMG is targeting to reduce its carbon emissions by:
• Implementing its process which results in being one of the lowest CO2 emitters in the magnesium industry when processing fly ash resource and the lowest when processing others resources such as ferronickel.
• Implementing its vertical furnace technology which results in up to a 20% reduction in typical industry energy consumption.
• Investigating the use of Hydrogen as a supplementary fuel source for its process.
• Implement renewable energy sources to power its operations.

LMG is targeting net zero emissions by 2050 through the use of renewables and other
technology advancements in conjunction with industry and its partners such as CSIRO.

LMG’s CO2 emissions estimates for the plant are:

CO2 t/tMg
Brown coal fly ash
Ferro nickel slag
Superior to offshore Magnesium producers:
• Traditional magnesium producers’ average emissions are 21.8 tonnes of CO2 per t Mg.
• No CO2 emissions in the production of LMG’s SCM or amorphous silica.
• Major CO2 reductions with use of vertical furnace technology being developed for saving a further 3t of CO2/t Mg.
• LMG’s plant emissions are 11.7 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of Mg
• LMG’s plant emissions are 53% less than the typical industry producers.


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