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Latrobe Magnesium (LMG) is working to develop a demonstration magnesium production plant in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley using a world-first process of combined hydromet / thermal reduction. Using a patented extraction process, the plant will harvest magnesium metal from a fly ash resource – a waste stream from brown coal power generation.

A feasibility study has been successfully completed which commercially justifies developing the project. Ordering of the plant has started, with first magnesium production due Q2 2023.

The plant will be located at the centre of Victoria’s coal power generation precinct providing direct and constant access to feedstock. LMG has secured ownership of an 11-hectare site with 14,000 m² of buildings.

Demand for magnesium worldwide is strong. It has the best strength-to-weight ratio of all common structural metals and is increasingly used in the manufacture of car parts, laptop computers, mobile phones and power tools. Australia imports 100% of the 8,000 tonnes of Magnesium it consumes annually.

The project is at the forefront of environmental sustainability as it converts nearly 100% of the resource into valuable commodities. The CO2 emissions are some 50% less than comparable to overseas magnesium production plants.


Latrobe Valley Project

The Latrobe Valley project is a demonstration Magnesium Plant located at Hazelwood North in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, 150km southeast of Melbourne. LMG has developed a patented process to extract magnesium from magnesium rich resources. Magnesium metal will be extracted from fly ash using a world- first hydrometallurgical extraction/thermal reduction process which includes the production of valuable by-products, minimising any waste streams and providing a more sustainable approach.

The 10,000 tpa commercial production facility will utilise breakthrough technology and efficient materials handling to enable LMG to operate at globally competitive costs with the current annual demand for magnesium reaching approximately one (1) million tpa and projected to double over the next few years.

Latrobe Valley

The project is commencing the detailed engineering phase with procurement of equipment planned for Q1 2022 and major construction early 2022. First production of Magnesium is targeted for early Q2 2023.

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Latrobe Magnesium Limited (ASX: LMG) is a public listed ASX company developing the world’s first magnesium extraction process production. The magnesium metal will be extracted from fly ash, a power plant waste product and environmental pollutant using a hydrometallurgical extraction/thermal reduction process at the flagship Latrobe Magnesium Project, located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. LMG is also developing an RWE Power project in Germany.

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